How We Found the Easy-way

Cheryl Beck Studios is a small business run by spouses Cheryl Beck and Scott Tuckey.

We began this adventure when Cheryl found herself creating displays of her artistic projects. After a long and often awkward process of trial-and-error, Cheryl and Scott decided to build their own display, complete with lighting, hooks, and easily transportable panels. We know first hand what it takes to create a professional display!

Now, we work to help others avoid that trial-and-error! To date, our panel, lighting, and hanging system is in use by nearly 200 artists and small businesses in Alberta. Please visit our client gallery to see more! There, you'll also see some of our custom work. We love the challenge and reward of custom displays, so if you have something in mind, please get in touch! A consultation is always complimentary.


Recently, we added another service to meet an important artist need - the need for professional, high quality art reproduction. Cheryl's background in photography and our professional capture equipment means we can reproduce your work in a variety of formats. Visit our gallery page to see other artists we have worked with, or, of course, get in touch!

To see how it all began, visit us at www.cherylbeckstudios.com